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I Love This Breed

gia osoGia & Oso

I have always loved this breed of dog! I searched for a very long time to find a reputable breeder who understands the breed. Lorene’s dogs are gorgeous and she is very experienced and understands what is needed to be a successful Pomeranian owner. I would absolutely send my friends to her and will be getting another soon!


Welcoming a New Family Member

kudosGood morning Lorene!

I hope you had a restful night.  Koo (Cole) was sweet and quiet the whole night. We took him into our backyard when we got home, and he did his business, checked out his new house and ate and drank a bit. He hung out with my husband and son too. We are all in love with him. ❤️

He then settled into his cozy crate with his blanket and a new toy and slept quietly.  This morning we took him out to the backyard again 😄 and India just got done combing him. He is the BEST boy!

I can't thank you enough for entrusting him to us. He is an absolute treasure and will always be a beloved member of our family.

- Stephanie

   India and her sister Reese with Koo

The Pomeranian Slideshow

I'm Lorene's cousin, Bill and I'm the webmaster of this website. Every time I was around Lorene's dogs I was really attracted to them because they're so darn cute.  One day I decided to buy one of the little munchkins who Lorene had named Krypton-Knight. He was Superman's nemisis and competing show dog.

I've always worked at home, so Krypton was my constant companion.  We loved to get out and go for walks and we loved going to parks where he could slide. After I had him for a few months, he sired a puppy we named All-That-Jazz (Jazzy). When Jazz was old enough, we took him sliding. The following video was his first time to go. At first, he was a little hesitant.  Krypton loved showing off for him, but Jazzy was determind that he was not going let his dad show him up. (They were always competive that way).  At 42 seconds is where Jazz did his first solo.

Pomeranian Slideshow

Maybe you think I'm like Krypton and I'm showing off a little, but both of my dogs are gone now and so are my friends, Steve and Beth who were with us at the park that day with their Standard Poodles.  I'm very happy to have this video displayed here, but I didn't want it in the main part of the website.  Hope you enjoy it.

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