"The Uglies"


It's common for Pomeranians to go through the ugly duckling stage.  Here's Haley looking beautiful as an adult, but look at the small pictures of her going through “the uglies”.

haley ugly


Starting at three to four months and lasting through nine months of age or longer.  During this stage, the coat will look ugly and scraggly, but don’t be alarmed. It’s perfectly normal for the puppy coat to fall out to make room for the new adult coat.  Just like the children's story goes, once out of the ugly stage, a beautiful Pomeranian will emerge.  Finally, when spring arrived, Haley saw her own reflection and was astonished that she was not an ugly duckling anymore, but she was a beautiful young Pomeranian instead. 

Jazzy went from the "Ugly Stage" to win BISP (Best In Show Puppy)


The boys and the girls both go through an ugly stage that can last months, but when they get past it, they emerge as beautiful Pomeranians.  The longer the ugly stage lasts, the more beautiful they become.


This is Jazzy's half brother, Victor at 2 months, 5 months and as an adult

victor 2m 5m adult

The above picture is not so much about the uglies as it is a demonstation of how Pomeranian puppies change over a short period of time.  You would have thought Victor would have been a dark color as an adult, but most Pormeranian puppies like him become prodominately orange as they get older.