The Story of Khan

Dreams Come Truehanging with the bandtokie mercurysugar daddy

These four handsome guys are like kings in the Pomeranian world, and they are all ancestors of Khan.  All four of them are Champion Show Dogs.  Tokie's Mercury is also a ROM, which means he has sired 10 or more Champions. And Starlight's Dream Come True was awarded (BIS) Best-in-show.

Crystal of Victory's Majestic Khan

Khan has never been in the show ring, but he produces beautiful puppies, the majority are show quality. He has sired several litters, and we are so pleased with his puppies, that we want to keep all of them.

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A few of Khan’s puppies will be available the middle of February, 2023, so keep referring to this website for more information and puppy pictures.


== Midnight ==

MidnightMidnightMidnight FlyingMidnight_R-Side.jpg
Premierz Midnight "Midnight" (M)
Born:  05/20/2022
AKC:  TS559942/04

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midnight pedigree 

 == Jack and Jill  ==

Jack and Jill @6½ Weeks Having a Lot of Fun (Watch 24 Second Video)

jack and Jilljill-1Jill 4
Jack and Jill
Premierz Jack (M) and Premierz Jill (F)

Born:  07/22/2022
AKC:  TS561356

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Breeder's preference would be to keep these two together.  They love each other, and they're perfect in just about every way.  Both are very sweet and very calm, they play well together, and they're absolutely adorable.

Boing Quincy Off Spring Pedigree

All of our puppies are descendants of a long bloodline of champions and are the best-of-the-best for structure and appearance. That is why our puppies are in such high demand.  The dogs on the pedigree in red that start with CH are "Champions"

New Adoptive Parents
new parent800x600

Mother and daughter at Premierz to meet Lorene and take their new puppy home.

We Specialize in High Quality Pomeranian Show Dogs

As Breeders, we are always striving to produce exceptional quality dogs for showing. Some of our puppies go on to show, but others never get that opportunity. Instead, they go into homes, like yours, where they become a valued part of your family. Pomeranians are loving, full of energy, and they make wonderful family pets. The ones going up for adoption are beautiful and look very much like their "Champion" counterparts. That’s because they share the same ancestry, training and socialization as the ones that are shown. Before being adopted and going to a new home we have each and every puppy examined by a veterinarian who will vaccinate the puppy and issue a Health Certificate.

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Keep this in mind:

It is an AKC rule that puppies under the age of eight weeks cannot be sold. I agree with this rule because sometimes the puppy is only one pound at eight weeks. They should stay with their mom until they are fully weaned and have made the adjustment to puppy food. It is a very critical stage of their development, and it is not wise to take any chances.

In the State-of-Florida, where we're located, it is illegal to take a deposit on a puppy under the age of eight weeks. If you are asked to do this by another breeder, be very careful, as you may be dealing with someone trying to scam you. To be safe, visit the puppy in person and always ask to see the parents. This will give you an idea of the puppy’s adult size and temperament.

Thank you for your interest in PREMIERZ POMERANIANS.  We hope to hear from you soon!